Having an internet presence is a non-negotiable part of developing a successful business, but despite this ever-growing importance for any business – over 60% of small businesses on the Gold Coast do not have any online presence. This is because many small business owners believe that they can pursue traditional means to promote themselves and gain new customers. However, maintaining the mindset that a business should be purely offline is a risky strategy to believe as more and more people are spending increased amounts of time online.

Online Presence

The internet can and should be a powerful tool for any business. While many service businesses in the; trades, fitness and beauty industries are largely successful due to their ability to build strong personal relationships, this does not mean they should be completely offline. Over 85% of people turn to the internet to research a business or its reviews before they decide to use it – if you have no online presence, how will you gain any more business?


One of the best things about having an online presence sis that your business is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your customers are online at any hour of the day and expect to be able to interact with you in a way that suits them, when they want. At the most basic level, this can be finding relevant information about your business and its services or products to the most advanced level that allows customers to make their own appointments or bookings with you at their convenience.

Sharing you’re Online Business

Think about how you can use your most loyal customers to do your marketing for you. Social media is rapidly evolving and has changed the way most people talk about their experiences and share recommendations. Customers can become tired with the constant bombardment of self-proclaimed marketing messages from businesses and instead, turn to platforms such as Facebook for advice. A business can be made or broken on such a platform, so why not have your most loyal customers let the world know just how great your business is!