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So you want to grow your business …

But what does that really mean? We think of it is as spending more time with family, having financial freedom and security and enjoying your hard earned dollars!

You already know the difference between what you are doing now and serious growth is the difference between great and average advertising. But what can you do about it?

We are a direct response performance digital marketing agency. In other words – we send a flood of relevant visitors to your website and turn them into leads and sales!

You put a lot into your business – so you deserve your own specialists who take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve.

Start with the strategy

The first step is to determine what you and your business needs right now.

Do you need more visitors, x leads per week or x sales? Where are they going to come from? How you are going to track them so you know what is profitable and what is not? How are you going to set it up and manage it?

Let us help you get customers, leads and sales!

Our specialists can not only show you how to do it but we can also do it all for you!

We will put together a strategy and targets for you. We can then use all or some of our extensive services to give you maximum advantage.

Know your numbers …

To start a successful marketing strategy – you need to work backwards and start with what you currently doing. To get an idea of where your business is at – use our handy calculator.

Let’s start with the number of visitors, leads (or sales), cost. Hit the “Calculate” button to see your current cost per visitor, cost per lead (or sale), the conversion rate.

Website Visitors:
Leads (or sales):
Total Cost: $

Cost Per Visitor:

Cost Per Lead:

Conversion Rate:

If you would like to improve any of these metrics immediately – please contact one of our specialists!

As a bonus – download our “Leads & Conversions for Business Owners” guide. Your guide to boosting sales & dominating your competition.

Our Services

We provide a full range of marketing services which are available as part of our holistic marketing package. You can pick and choose what will grow your business. Our specialists can advise on what will benefit you quickly and most cost-effectively!

Google Ads

Rocket your business to the top with the Google Ad strategy used by the top 3% …

Facebook Ads

Reach your exact target audience based on demographics, location, interests, and even behaviors …

Landing Pages

More than great design … a customer conversion machine! …

Business Websites

Hand-crafted websites that are designed to capture visitors and turn them into customers! …

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Be the leader of the pack and dominate your competitors with top of page 1 results …

Tracking & Statistics

How much are you leaving to chance and guess work? Know the who, what, where and when …

Google Ads Click Fraud Prevention

Stop the burn on your Google Ads that are clicked by your competitors and bots …

Content Writing

Great content and sales copy satisfies and then converts visitors into paying customers!

The 3 steps to growing your business online

We will compile an easy-to-understand strategy document with you. This strategy document is at the center of everything we do. Before doing anything – our experienced digital strategists custom tailor your very own strategy document to grow your business, hit your goals and dominate your market.

1. Analyse

We take a look at your business and understand what your goals are. What you are currently doing online, your current your market and what your competitors are doing. We establish a benchmark and targets for your business.

2. Strategise

After the analysis stage we put together a clear cut strategy with you. We’ll help you craft a fantastic offer, advise which online advertising channels you need to be using and detail exactly how you can stand out from your competition.

3. Execute

Now it’s all about putting plans into action! Our experienced team get to work designing all new high conversion advertising content, optimise your conversion rate and using advanced online advertising strategies to send you a flood of relevant visitors.

We don’t just stop there – it’s a matter of constantly analysing what’s working and making tweaks and further optimisations!

“I’ve been working with Jetset Marketing now for four months and my business has doubled! I’m very happy with their service.”

– Steve, Stain Fighters

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