Plumbers – like many local service based businesses – are always looking for leads and methods to get new customers. Here we have outlined 15 ways you can generate leads for your plumbing business.

1. Build a high-quality customer conversion focused website

You most probably have a website for your plumbing business. What you don’t have is a website that is designed to generate leads and customers!
A conversion-based website is one where each element helps you attract new customers.

2. Get testimonials and use them to gain trust

The number 1 factor when it comes to purchasing products or services online is trust.

To overcome this lack of trust, include testimonials from past customers who are happy with the services you provided. Make it part of your process to regularly get online reviews. The more – the better.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for plumbers

SEO for plumbers

SEO will help you rank in search engines for people searching for plumbers and plumbing services.

With SEO there are 2 categories:

1) on-site optimisation
2) off-site optimisation

On-site optimisation involves things you can optimise for on your website. You should be optimising for local keywords. Examples include in content, titles, meta tags, and image tags.

On-site SEO also involves how your website behaves and user interaction such as: your site’s loading speed, how easy it is to navigate, make sure it is mobile friendly (responsive), the formatting and content of the site, keyword targeting.

Off-site optimisation involves things you can optimise for that isn’t directly on your website. Such as inbound links from other relevant websites and directories. What ever you do – don’t buy spam links.

4. Email list for plumbers

Email is easily one of the most effective marketing tools out there for plumbers and the least expensive.

Sendin out emails is a great way to build your brand. If people hear from you regularly, they will think of you when they need a plumber. Some things you can try to build an email ist include: promoting seasonal hot deals, sharing general home maintenance advice, providing how to info about plumbing.

5. Identify local houses that are older

Local houses that are older - great for plumbers

Older homes are more likely to have problems when it comes to maintenance and plumbing.

For example, you might identify older homes in a particular area then target those home owners with a direct mailing campaign or Facebook ads designated to that specific postcode.

6. Target relevant Facebook users

Facebook for plumbers

Facebook allows you to target ads to an audience they create. The audience can based on several different properties. Such as, gender, age, region of living, income, etc. You can also do a “look a like” audience based on the people already visiting your website.

7. Blog about plumber topics

Blogging is still one of the least expensive ways to connect with potential clients.

I can tell you that regular blogging will bring organic traffic to your site. But you need to know what topics will bring the most relevant customers.

Make sure you include images, video and info-graphics when writing blogs about plumbing related issues.

8. Create and update your Google business listing

Google business listing for a plumber

Make sure you claim your free Google Business listing. This is the lisitng on the right hand side of the search page results if you searched for your plumbing company name.

9. Set up a referral program

Referral leads are not expensive when compared to paid leads – as they are usually free. Referral leads also convert more than 30% than other leads.

It does take some time and effort to set up a referral program – but ion the long run can be quite rewarding.

Make a habit of asking clients for referrals. When you finish a job, give the client a stack of business cards. Tell them that you would appreciate it if they would refer their friends to you. You can also encourage referrals by asking for them on social media.

You can also setup a mutual referral program. This is where you would refer customers to another business and they in turn would recommend you. Pick a business that isn’t directly competing with you but is suitably aligned.

10. Claim your Review Site listings

Plumber reviews

As with trust – online reviews are beneficial to getting customers to call you. Almost 90% of people said they trust online reviews.

Make sure you do not miss any review sites – do a Google search for reviews of your plumbing company. You may already have reviews on some websites. You may need to claim your business if it is listed there.

Also make sure to monitor reviews regularly. You don’t want nasty or negative reviews to hang around.

11. Ask your plumbing customers to write reviews

You need good reviews! The way to get positive reviews is to ask. You should not assume that clients will write them. As most won’t write a review unless it is negative! So work out a system where you ask automatically.

You can include a link to your Facebook page when you bill customers. Ask them to rate your business and write a review.

Create a rough email template for reviews. Email it to your list and ask past clients to write a review.

Ask clients in person. When you finish a job, it is a good idea to ask how the client feels. When they tell you, ask if they would be willing to write a review.

12. Use social media

Social media for plumbers

Social media marketing is more popular than ever. 10-30% of your plumbing service leads should come from social media. Setting up social media pages is free and leads that they generate are usually quite cheaper than say paid search. The trick is to use social media wisely.

Every piece of content you post on your social media should be relevant to your brand.

Make sure you use a consistent tone and your plumbing brand should have a “voice”. You will want to sound authoritative, competent and friendly.

Posting content regularly will help increase your visibility. You will want to keep your followers engaged.

  • Ask for comments.
  • Share your message.
  • Ask for clicks or a purchase – within reason.

13. Network in your local community

Plumbing is, by nature, a local business. Nobody wants a plumber who lives hours away. Networking in your local community lets people know who you are.

14. Create demo or DIY videos (video marketing)

Plumber DIY videos on Youtube

Videos are now inexpensive to produce. Most people say they would rather watch a demo or explainer video than read a blog post.

For plumbing businesses, demo and DIY videos are good formats to try. They are an ideal way to show your expertise. Not everybody can handle DIY plumbing jobs. Those who do will appreciate a demo. They may hire you when a more complicated job needs to be done.

The key is choosing a good topic that is likely to be a common issue for your customers such as:

  • How to replace a shower head
  • How to unclog a sink
  • How to install a new toilet

15. Partner with builders

Partner with builders

Every plumber knows builders. But, if you are not pairing up with them to get new leads, you’re missing out.

Again this goes back to referral programs – to build a referral relationship, you should:

  • Seek out builders in your area
  • Join professional groups to network with builders
  • Be prepared to provide references

In Conclusion:

Marketing your plumbing company can take your business to a whole new level. It does however require a good deal of time, effort and specialisation to do well.

Be selective and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Not every marketing strategy will be worth pursuing. Find what works for you.