Stop the burn on your Google Ads that are clicked by your competitors and bots …

Finally a better human click fraud detection solution

Stop wasting money on fraudulent clicks …

What do we mean by fraudulent clicks? Any Google Ad click that is classed as “invalid”. A lot of these clicks are due to competitors and automated bots trying to deplete your ad budget.

On average $1 out of $3 spent on ads are fraudulent. Think about how much money you are wasting a day!!

And even though you may get reimbursed for these invalid clicks at the end of the month – the real damage is done by depleting your ad budget for the day and getting no more real visitors!

No Ad integration is necessary

Using our analytics tracking software – we can see who is landing on your website. If they came from a Google Ad, we will see that and then also see how often that person has clicked an ad, which pages they visited, what location they came from and when.

We can see what IP that user is using – even if they have a “floating IP” and it their IP changes – and if fraudulent we can then add them to the banned IP list in Google Ads so your ads won’t show to them anymore.

This strategy and process works on landing pages and all types of websites.

Catch and reveal those who are clicking your ads

Most fraudulent clicks don’t just happen – knowing the identity of their source can protect you against future attacks and save you money.

Our click fraud detection software can reveal the what, where, and how by identifying the IP address, network, specific device, pages visited, and approximate location of each malicious click.

We go one better than automated and so-called “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) systems. We do a manual human check to ensure you are getting the fraudsters and aren’t blocking real customers.

“I’ve been working with Jetset Marketing now for four months and my business has doubled! I’m very happy with their service.”

– Steve, Stain Fighters

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