With 2018 having just begun, it is important to note the web design trends you should consider using. Balancing aesthetics with functionality is a difficult act, but get it right and you’ll set yourself up for increased user engagement and higher conversion rates. Find out how you can improve your online presence with these actionable tips.

Vibrant Colours

While previously many web designs stuck with “web-safe colours” — more designs are approaching colour with a new outlook as technological advances in monitors and devices aid in reproducing richer colours. Vibrant colours can be useful for newer brands hoping to instantly attract their visitors’ attention and is also perfect for brands who want to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Mobile First

Mobile browsing has officially surpassed desktop. Beginning in 2018, Google has started to use the mobile version of a webpage as the primary search engine index. This change has occurred as Google wants to represent the majority of their users — who are mobile searchers. For any business owner, a mobile-friendly site is a must-have if you want to retain your current customers and attract potential ones.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a burgeoning future not only in marketing but as a way of life. Assistants like Siri and Alexa have become the norm for millions of smartphone holders so it comes as no surprise that web designers are implementing AI as a marketing strategy. A popular form of AI in marketing is a Chatbot, Chatbots mimic human intelligence by being able to interpret consumer’s queries and complete orders for them.

Voice User Interfaces

As technology advances and screens become smaller and smaller — or in the case of Artificial Intelligence such as Alexa and Siri, disappear altogether — designers will have to build a voice-powered interface to encompass the non-visual asset. Today, many people want the information they’re seeking fast and will verbally ask Siri or Alexa to solve their problem in the fewest words possible, thus, website designs must embrace this.

Web Animation

In a world where everyone is in a hurry, animation can convey complex ideas in a short time span whilst simultaneously engaging and informing the viewer. Storytelling and personality are what sets a website and a brand apart from the rest, both old and new brands alike are trying to capture this. Animations have shown and will continue to show the brand’s strength in today’s digital world, giving a strong personality to the brand, making it less static and more dynamic.

Breaking the Layout Rules

There has been a gradual increase of websites that are changing users’ browsing habits, in regard to navigation, the horizontal menu along the top of your site is still good practice but don’t be afraid to go for a floating social bar and content that’s laid out in unique and untraditional ways. When done right, this unique trend will ensure that your website is overflowing with original style. This design will allow for; more freedom with sizes and page alignment, asymmetrical layouts and a variety of media all in one space.