WordPress has developed from a simple blogging site to a preferred open source web development platform. It is one of the most used content management systems and accounts for 20-25% of all new websites. If you are hesitant to create a website because of the high cost associated with it, a WordPress website is inexpensive and a perfect DIY version for any business in its beginnings. Here are the top 10 benefits of using a Word Press website for your Brisbane business:


1. WordPress is Cost-Effective

When starting a business, most people aim to keep expenses relatively low. WordPress allows you to fulfil this goal by taking out the need to hire a web-designer and instead, puts you in charge of how little or how much you want to spend. Upkeep and maintenance costs on WordPress sites are virtually non-existent as you can do it yourself instead of hiring someone else.


2. Your Website Can be Updated Anytime, Anywhere

Provided you have a WordPress Theme Website, you can make changes to your website at any given point in time no matter where you are in the world – so long as you have Internet connection.


3. Plugins Extend Functionality

WordPress have codes that make them ideal for Google indexing, and the SEO components can be fully customised to which pages you want to rank high on in search engines. WordPress also extends functionality, making it simple when adding video galleries, Twitter feeds, calendars and photos to your website.


4. Your Website is Responsive

Mobile traffic has well surpassed normal desktop traffic with over 85% of people opting to search on their phone. This means that a responsive website design is no longer an option, but a must-have. WordPress websites have this function readily available, eliminating the need for multiple websites or a complete overhaul of your current site.


5. No Fancy Software Needed

WordPress is a self-contained system, this means that it does not require HTML software such as Dreamweaver or other systems. Blog posts, text format, uploading and editing pictures and documents as well as videos and image galleries can all be completed without the added need of additional software.


6. Search Engines Love WordPress Websites

The code behind WordPress is extremely simple for Google’s bots to read as they trawl through websites, this makes it easier for Google to read and index a website’s content. Each individual page, post and image can also be optimised to specific keywords, allowing for the most accurate search engine optimisation.


7. You Have Complete Control of Your Website

With a WordPress website, there are no wait times for you web designer to get back to you or set appointment dates – instead your site can be updated and controlled when you want. The option for multiple administrators can also be used, so that it can be accessed by any administrator from any location.


8. Your Website Can Grow as Your Business Grows

Your WordPress website can grow as your business grows. These sites are completely scalable, meaning that you can have thousands of pages or blog posts or just a few and the performance of your site will not be comprised at all.


Better Website Security
WordPress has been criticised as having poorer security than normal websites, but this is just a myth. You can make your WordPress website have as much or as little security as you like, depending on your business’ and its needs.