When starting out doing SEO it can be a lot to take in, the content strategies we have to begin by finding the latest SEO tools free or paid on the market. Or is it the backlinks, whenever they do show up on SEMrush and how it happens to be worth nothing in page score or trust score. It can be very overwhelming but thanks to the community and the people always posting blogs, we can come up with ways to work around SEO and score our clients some very high rankings. What else may be bothersome is the depth and quantity of fresh content. Or is it the meta tags, did you use them correctly and you aren’t we ranking?

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Starting out SEO is like starting out in any field, hard at first but takes practice and consistently doing it over time. So, what’s the problem with SEO, should you just do it every day until you get extremely better? Many people have tried SEO and decided it wasn’t for them and eventually quit, why is that? All we do is add in paragraphs of good quality content, and add in some metadata and change a few keywords and done right? Not entirely, the problem with SEO and possibly the longest mistake we all make as an SEO specialist is the time we wait of doing all the backlinks last.

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66% of SEO specialist struggle with backlinks, but why? Is it finding them or finding the domain authority on each link? Well, that’s a topic for another blog but what is worse than doing low-quality backlinks is doing them to the very last minute after an extensive SEO strategy. It takes an average of 10 weeks for a backlink to affect a rank, or 12 to move 2 ranks. That’s nearly 3 months of waiting for 30 minutes of work. Why would anyone want to work that way? I’m not saying every SEO specialist is good, we all make mistakes, but for me as an SEO specialist, that was definitely my longest mistake or longest 3 months still counting. All those weeks worrying about backlinks ever coming and could be working on another project entirely. Best tip, do them as soon as you set the website on a hosted server. Before Google even indexes the site. Always start with directories then work on bigger backlinks right before the content. Don’t leave it to last!