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Search Engine Optimisation is more than ranking high in Google ... get Jetset Marketing to drive traffic to your website and convert to paying customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising your website to appear on the most popular search engines and directories. Search Engine Optimisation can also assist in driving down costs in paid search engine advertising.

Jetset Marketing optimises your website to appear on all major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!). There are hundreds of different metrics or signals the search engines use to rank your website.

We optimise these signals to achieve maximum rankings for your website.

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes to achieve page one rankings or traffic from your keywords depends on the competitiveness of your selection. With millions of websites and hundreds of ranking signals, the time taken to achieve rankings is different for every business. The account manager’s at Jetset Marketing see positive results within a few weeks of beginning SEO and on average see better rankings within months.

Jetset Marketing see positive results within a few weeks of beginning SEO and on average see better rankings within months.

Search Engine Optimisation - How Long Does It Take?
SEO Return Of Investment ROI

What Is The ROI (Return On Investment)?

The investment involved with Search Engine Optimisation is equal to the topics/key words chosen. The more competitive a keyword the more time must be invested to producing results and vice versa.

Our online marketing experts will usually develop a strategy which encompasses a combination of competitive and non-competitive keywords to ensure a well rounded selection which provides a strong Return On Investment.

Jetset Marketing ... One Of Australia’s Leading Search Engine Optimisation Agencies

Our SEO specialists are up to date with current search engine trends and ranking methods and are continually researching and testing new ways to boost your rankings.

We only ever use ethical (white hat) methods of ranking. Beware, some companies will use unethical methods (black hat) and have been known to get websites penalised by the search engines. This means your website can be banned from the search engines resulting in missed opportunities of customers searching for you!

Short cut your way to potential new customers with our Search Engine Marketing services.

Search Engine Optimisation services

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

10 Keywords
+ 10 Hours / month
Add to 5 Directories
20 Keywords
+ 25 Hours / month
Add to 10 Directories
30 Keywords
+ 40 Hours / month
Add to 20 Directories

Setup fee waived for contracts longer than 12 months.

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