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How To Be First On Google

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How To Be First On Google

How To Be First On Google ...

Most business owners that come to us are interested in getting their business on the first page of Google. And rightly so - if you aren't in the top 3 of search results - you have little to no chance of getting leads or sales through Google. In fact less than 3% of all searches even reach the second page of results.

So how do you get your business website at the top of page one of Google? ...

Get your Business to the Top of Google today

Google Adwords is a paid advertising system where you create ads that are displayed on Google search engine.

When customers are searching for services or products you provide - they will find you. The Google ads are also called "Pay Per Click" advertising.

You can jump to the top of the Google search results in one go!

Is there a free way to get to Number 1?

A lot of marketing agencies will tell you SEO or Search Engine Optimisation will get you first page results. This is sometimes unrealistic based on the competitiveness of your business and make take weeks to several months to achieve. All the while you are paying for someone to do it - so is it "free"?

How much does it cost to use Google Advertising?

Google ads have always been an efficient and cost-effective way to get more leads and sales if done right. If you’re not investing in Google advertising, you’re basically giving away those clicks (customers) to your competitors.

You can set your budget - a maximum amount you want to spend per day or week - and this will determine how many customers you will get. You can spend from as little as $5 per day. You can adjust your budget at anytime.

You only pay for visits to your website - no visit, no fee.

Can I get someone to set it up for me?

It is usually best to get someone experienced to do it for you, as the Google Adword system can be a little daunting to the first time user - and even for experienced users to get the maximum benefit out of it. Getting the Ads and Keywords right for your business is an art in itself.

We go through a simple process to get you up and running in no time:

1. We research your target market (your customers and competitors)

2. We setup your Google Adwords account (if you don't already have one)

3. We create your Ads and Keywords based on our research and your suggestions

4. We set a Budget for you (that you suggest)

5. We make your Ads live (the Ads appear in the Google search results)

Watch the leads and sales come in!

We will then monitor the results and keep you informed via simple and easy-to-understand reporting. We can also fine tune the Ads later on at anytime. You can manage the campaign yourself - however we are always here to help.

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